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Jackson's Bar & Bistro

Jackson's Bar & Bistro

An open and airy space both inside and out, Jackson's Bar & Bistro offers European and American comfort food in an upbeat setting with an eclectic staff.

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Avo Restaurant


Avo is California shorthand for avocado, one of the iconic products of the Golden State -- the originator, as with so much else, of the local and slow-food movements in the United States.

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Dram Whiskey Bar

Dram Whiskey Bar

An old Scottish term for a pour of whiskey, Dram lives up to its name with Birmingham's most extensive collection of bourbon, Scotch and other whiskeys mixed in myriad cocktails or, classically, served neat or on the rocks.

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Green Apple Restaurant Group seeks uniqueness and breadth of personality and experience in its employees as much as it does its guests, so please bring your interest, your enthusiasm and your unique self to join what's different and distinctive about us at Jackson's Bar & Bistro, Avo or Dram.

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